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Ballerina Mafia: Cheese Fries
#103 Cheese Fries • Friday, August 12, 2011
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Sorry for both a delayed and short comic. A friend is soon moving to a college in a different state, so we were giving him a fond farewell. I spent the night ghost hunting in the supposedly active site called the Bridgewater Triangle. They all saw stuff, but I didn't feel anything. Still had fun, though, felt like an adventure, and I'll probably write some comics about it.

As for the comic: the true story of this was that my group of friends went to the Outback Steakhouse every week for a month or two and each ordered an order of Cheese Fries, which was an appetizer with 4+ people in mind. We usually got close to finishing all our plates, too. We were about as famous as anyone can get in a local restaurant with the staff, and for a while, the cooks required a lot of convincing by the waiters before believing the order was real.